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So how expensive is Plexus?  You'd be surprised how easily you can afford it!



Plexus Worldwide, Inc. offers three ways to be able to purchase their products.  Two of those ways are as a customer.  Below are descriptions of the Retail Customer and Preferred Customer options available to purchase products.  The third way to purchase Plexus products is to sign up as an Iindependent Ambassador and become a member of our team.  Go to the Join Plexus Today! menu option for more information on becoming an Ambassador.


Retail Customer:  A retail customer receives a personal customer ID.  You are required to place each individual order each time as you need the product.  There is no auto-ship option as with a Preferred Customer as explained above.   Retail customers enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases.  Retail customers pay the highest product prices...we don't normally recommend this category of customer purchase...why not save a few bucks with Preferred below?


Preferred Customer:  10%-12% cheaper prices than retail.  60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases as well.  You receive a personal Preferred Customer ID and a website where you can manage your own personal orders.  You have the option to set-up a monthly auto-ship where you never have to worry about returning to your website to order products...the order will auto ship each month on the date you select.  After you have three consecutive months of processed auto-ship orders, you receive an additional 10% off all products after that.  If you don't want the auto-ship, you can choose to turn it off and order products as you need them through your own website...you would still get the basic discount over retail; however, you would not get the additional 10% without three consective months of processed auto shipments.  We recommend this category of customer purchase over retail to everyone interested in trying Plexus for the first time...why not save yourself a few bucks!!



Choose who you would like to purchase from using the buttons below.  The next few screens will walk you through completing your order process.  Please go to the Contact Us tab and send us a message if you have any questions.


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